Rizzy (varymydays) wrote in seriouslyrent,

Chat Party!

Wow, so tomorrow came more quickly than I anticipated. ^_^"

If you're interested in taking part in the Birthday Party for seriouslyrent tomorrow just send an IM to me on AIM (my screen name is fadeinonme) and I'll invite you into the chatroom. I hope to start the chatroom at approximately midnight and will hopefully have it up all day long. If you'd prefer you can comment here or send an e-mail to seriouslyrent@yahoo.com with your screen name on AIM and the best time to invite you into the chatroom. If you don't have AIM, I may start a seperate chatroom on MSN messenger if there are enough people who need that.

I would just like to say thank you to all of the members and mods who help to make this community, and a lot of who have stuck by for the whole year. I really appreciate everyone who has ever participated or helped in the community in any way. When I started this community a year ago, I never anticipated to have more than 50 members and now we're up to over 100 members. So thank you very, very much.

I know this community is kind of dead at the moment, but I hope to revitalize it. It's certainly been dead before, and it has come back! It's the community that just won't die. ^^"

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions as to what they want to see happen in this community, please comment here, or let me know during the chat!
Tags: admin
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