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Seriouslyrent Anniversary!

So March 21st will be seriouslyrent's first birthday! (Yay!)

We were thinking of having a massive chat-party to celebrate, one that I would leave up for (hopefully) 24 hours and you all will be invited to join!

I realize not a whole lot has been happening with this community lately, but part of the party can be deciding just what to do with this poor, lost community. The rest of the party will give you the chance to 'meet' fellow Rentheads, make some friends, uhm... internet-dance?, and partake in some fun and games (does anyone know any good chat room games ;) )

This post is kind of just to see who would be interested if we make this happen. It'll probably be over AIM and next week I'll create a post with screened comments so I can get everyone's AIM name to invite them into the chatroom.

If you have any neat ideas about this chat-party, please, post them here.

It's hard to believe this place has really been open for a year now. Thank you to all 124 members for joining and participating in whatever way you do. I really appreciate it so much!

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