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Seriously Rent
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Welcome to Seriously Rent!
Tired of reading Rent fanfiction that twist the characters and story in an unrealistic way? Do you wish there were more, quality Rent RPs? Are you tired of people not doing justice to your favorite characters and to the wonder that is Rent in both RPs and fanfiction?

About this community:

This community is for both RENT Fanfiction Writers and RENT Role Players. There are a lot of rescoures here for you to use and it's also a great place to rant or chat about fanfiction and rping Rent in general. Having problems with a fanfiction? Tired of reading fanfiction with a certain story line? Whatever your issue is, share it with the people here.

The community will also have a seperate related community for free form role playing. Make a livejournal post there with who you play and which character you want to play with and just go for it. No commitments and the role play can last for as long as you want.

The ARFs (Awards for Rent Fanfiction) have just started up with plenty of different categories. For more information on the awards ask or check out the ARF guidelines

This community also holds prompts three times a week starting on Monday (for music, lyrics), again on Wednesday (for words), and finally on Saturday (situation). You have from Monday-Monday to post your fic for the prompt here, but afterwards feel free to go back and use the prompts as much as you like and post the fic elsewhere! ^_^

Who should join?

-Rent RPers
-Rent Fanfiction Writers
-Rent Fanfiction Readers
-Rent fans who are interested in dabbling in either fanfiction or rping

Why join?

-Make friends (yey)
-Grow and develop as a writer/RPer/renthead
-Participate in what will hopefully be some great RPGs
-Participate in the ARFs, Awards for Rent Fanfiction!
-Have access to lot's of resources
-Have fun!

Please read the rules before joining!

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