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FIC: The World Just Stopped

Title: The World Just Stopped
Characters/Pairing: Mark/Roger, mention of Roger/Mimi, Benny/Mimi and Maureen/Joanne
Word Count: 1542
Rating: PG-13
Summary: While Roger's caught up in events, Mark feels like the world has suddenly stopped.
Notes: Totally Christopher J. Hanke's Mark, and Tim Howar's Roger. This resulted from just seeing Rent with Christopher J. Hanke, and... at the end of "Halloween" he looks completely terrified at the idea of being alone. And then "Goodbye Love" starts, and Roger walks on, and as soon as Mimi mentions Santa Fe Mark's expression shifts from scared to completely broken. It was... ow. Written for the rentforbastards prompt in which a character feels like time is moving too slowly or accelerating too quickly, and this seriouslyrent prompt.
Disclaimer: I don't own Rent, Mark, or Roger. Nor do I own Christopher J. Hanke or Tim Howar, I'm afraid.

( Frozen in a moment... )
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